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Бел Муж

Bel Muj

Borovitsa Winery
Bel Muj is an unusual wine to drink, not just because of the choice in the blend, but also because of its character. It is a wine combining in itself a pleasant fruitiness and the fancy notes of vanilla.
  • 750 ml
  • 2014
  • Alc. %: 13.5
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This wine is not available at the moment.

This wine is not available at the moment.

Бел Муж
Bel Muj

Borovitsa Winery

Snuggled among the Belogradchick Rocks, the winery is focused on the production of small batches. The grape is grown in elected vines, ensuring the wines with the specific freshness and minerality of the region. Regardless of its small size, the cellar bottles at least 25 different types of wine because each massive has its own unique character. Each masterpiece reaches the end users in limited series of 250 to 400 bottles. Due to the exceptional diversity of soils and microclimates, specific small quantities of grape are often used in order to obtain interesting wines from varieties such as Ratzicleti, Dimyat and Gamza.

Maria Stoeva
Това вино е вълшебна комбинация от три бели сорта от стари лозя в Северна България. Винифицирани са заедно, което в резултат дава комплексни аромати на бели цветя, дюля, мента, билки, които се откриват и във вкуса на фона на сочно тяло. Дългото отлежаване в стари френски бъчви придава завършеност и баланс.

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