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La Feve The Egg

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Easter special: a giandujavised egg (the meaning of life, if we might say so ourselves), filled with five types of wafery drops: raspberry, passion fruit, honey, white chocolate and caramelised chocolate.
Inside in the box is the mother of all entertainment: a hammer. Use it to never-wait and smash the egg into smithereens. 

Due to the natural ingredients, the product is affected by high temperature degrees! When ordering by courier, Seaweed is not responsible for the commercial appearance of the product. We can guarantee it when delivered by our courier only within the city Sofia!

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La Feve

La Feve

Различни, неустоими, иновативни и мнооого вкусни - това са шоколадовите изкушения на La Feve. Печелят ни с визията си, а вкусът на всеки техен продукт е подарък на небцето. Създателите на La Feve Павел Павлов и Дария Русанова са готови да променят представата ни за шоколада и шоколадовите бонбони.

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