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  2. Мидалидаре Совиньон Блан Премиум Селекшън
Блан дьо Блан

Мидалидаре Совиньон Блан Премиум Селекшън

A natural sparkling wine produced by following a traditional technology. A well balanced wine with an intense and elegant aroma and taste.
  • 750 ml
  • 2019
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Блан дьо Блан
Мидалидаре Совиньон Блан Премиум Се


Edoardo Miroglio comes from a family with traditions in the textile business and is a native of Piedmont. He owns a winery in Italy: Tenuta Carretta in Alba, which makes first class Barbaresco DOC and Barolo DOC. Edoardo’s idea is to combine the wine traditions of Piedmont with those of the Thracian Plain, where they are no less ancient. Italian and Bulgarian specialists take care of over 220 hectares of vineyards and the production of wine from them, led by the famous oenologist Marco Monchiero. The winery is a unique building in the shape of a spiral, which descends three floors underground in the village of Elenovo (not far from Stara Zagora). The rich variety of vineyards includes some of the most preferred Bulgarian varieties - Mavrud and Rubin. Miroglio’s wines are distinguished for their finesse and character and served in fine restaurants, including some decorated with "Michelin Stars".

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