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Sarva Dragomir


An intriguing and multilayered wine, part of which has matured in oak barrels, second fill, for about half a year. It is a light terroir expression of the Mavrud variety.
  • 750 ml
  • 2016
  • Alc. %: 13.5
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This wine is not available at the moment.

This wine is not available at the moment.

Sarva Dragomir


The owners are well-known names among wine-makers, successfully practicing the profession. These are the oenologists Natalia Gadzheva and Konstantin Stoev, who are also masters of all the wines that came under the brand name Dragomir - Pitos, Sarva, Karyzma, All In One, Amritta and the rosé wine Sarva Rosé. The location of the winery estate and wine-tasting unit is in the town of Plovdiv. Both persons have serious observations on the potential of various micro-regions in Bulgaria and they do not just want to make good wine, but rather are looking for a wine with a character. The wines are mainly coupage brands obtained from the grapes of well-selected rows from certain vineyards, controlled all the year around by them. Each lot of separate brands is in limited quantity and bottled all at the same time. Before being offered in the market, wines are subjected to bottled aging, where the top brands mature in a bottle for at least 12 months. The future is ahead of this enologous family, and we will keep track of each of their vintages.

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