Wines from Oregon

Oregon is one of the youngest and most promising wine regions in the United States, and perhaps also in the world. 

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Pinot Noir Yamhill 2018
Oregon, USA
Pinot Noir
BGN 116.49
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Chardonnay Yamhill 2017
Oregon, USA
BGN 112.80

It gained fame mostly with its Pinot Noir, which, unlike the French, has a deep red colour and aromas of ripe black cherries in combination with fine earthy tones. Willamette wines receive special recognition - some wines from this region are successfully compared with the representatives of Burgundy, which inevitably determines the future of their success. It is an indisputable fact that interesting and established French producers are experimenting on American soil, creating subsidiary estates. Unlike neighbouring California, Oregon winemaking is characterised by the fact that it is composed mainly of small, family, boutique wineries - similar to the Burgundian landscape. Apart from Pinot Noir, the vineyards also include other international varieties - Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot, as well as the unpretentious Chardonnay. Wine critics around the world are following with interest the development of the state and its wine - without a doubt it can be believed that the beautiful wine surprises from this part of the world are coming.