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Wine and Art

Pablo Picasso

At Seewines we believe that art is the most distinctive sign of human culture, what changes the simple existence, turns it into Life and makes us real Humans.

That is why we have accepted the cause of helping young talents in their growth. Children who study and practice art develop their imagination and creativity, broaden their worldview and gain more confidence. We owe each child the chance to be an artist and grow an artist.

In this case, we seek partnerships with various foundations, institutions, initiatives working with and for children and their growth through art:

Art and Child Foundation - https://www.artandchild.org/index.php/za-fondatziyata, where attention is focused on discovering the potential and talent of children and their training in the field of art – "unlocking" their senses for the art.

"Razlichni, no zaedno" concert - an initiative of the Art Center Karnolski - http://karnolsky.eu/bg initiatives whose main idea is to encourage children and youths from different social strata and ethnic groups, with different religions and traditions, to sing and dance on a stage in order to form a culture of tolerance.

Through your purchase of wine, you become involved in our cause, as Seewines Logistics LLC is committed to supporting Children and the Art.

Thank you for being our clients and helping us in this cause – to give our children – the future of Bulgaria – a better chance and opportunity, to show, develop and grow with their talents – because, as Picasso said, every child is an artist, the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up....

Pablo Picasso 2