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Colorito Blend Seewines

Colorito Chardonnay

A rich but elegant wine of pure Chardonnay aged for 6 months in Acacia barrels. It has a nice freshness, good volume and mouthful with a smooth buttery feeling. A perfect accompaniment for hard cheese plates, seafood and white meat dishes but it would also work well if consumed alone thanks to its complex bouquet of tastes and aromas.
  • 750 ml
  • 2018
  • Alc. %: 12.5
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Colorito Blend Seewines
Colorito Chardonnay


Seewines is a young Bulgarian company, which invests in biodynamic viticulture and wine production in the 2 most distant parts of the Bulgarian map- the outskirts of Kavarna town to the North-East and the village of Harsovo/ Melnik/ to the South-West. The grapes are hand-picked and the vinification takes place in the Melnik region wineries, until the winery in Harsovo is built. Seewines supports the biodiversity in the vineyards and around them, and practises a gentle and environment friendly viticulture. The wine reflects the microclimatic peculiarities of the region, where the grapes are grown, and it is produced with a minimal human intervention.

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