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Alcoholic beverages are an interesting segment with a wide range.

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Rakia Grapes Kapatovo 0.5l 2020
Grape brandy Kapatovo 40% Vol. Produced from selected grapes...
BGN 24.90
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Tatratea Mini Set 6 x 0.04l
Tatratea is a unique liqueur based on herbal tea and natural...
BGN 29.90
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Tatratea 37% Hibiscus 0.7l + 2 shot
In a gift set with 2 glasses. A universe of fragrances!Enric...
BGN 52.90
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Tatratea 42% Peach 0.7l + 2 shot
In a gift set with 2 glasses.The unique aroma of peach!Known...
BGN 52.90
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Tatratea 52% Original 0.7l + 2 shot
In a gift set with 2 glasses.The classic taste!A unique tea-...
BGN 53.90
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Tatratea 62% Forest Fruit 0.7l + 2 shot
In a gift set with 2 glasses.The power of the forest!Enriche...
BGN 56.90
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Delord Armagnac VSOP 0.2l
Bas Armagnac Delord VSOP is composed of distillates aged a m...
BGN 25.00
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Greenall's Blood Orange & Fig
Flavored gin made from 100% natural ingredients. Red oranges...
BGN 27.99
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Rakia Hubertova Viljamovka 40% 0.7л.
This rakia by Hubert 1924 is a premium Viljamovka pear rakia...
BGN 54.90
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Cognac Gautier EDEN
EDEN is a rare and sophisticated blend of the oldest GAUTIER...
BGN 1,499.00
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Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban 0.7l in Gift box + gla ...
Unbridled spiritA whiskey journey into the wild. Glenmorangi...
BGN 119.39
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Glenmorangie Lasanta 0.7l in Gift box + glass
Sunset in a glassIf we could sip the setting sun, it would t...
BGN 103.79
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Glenmorangie The Original 0.7l in Gift box + gla ...
Cozyness in a glassKnown for its soft tones and delicate tas...
BGN 82.19
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Ardbeg Monsters of Smoke Set 3 х 0,2l with glass
Ardbeg Monsters of Smoke Trio Pack contains 200ml of 3 of th...
BGN 125.99
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Ardbeg Wee Beastie 0.70l + tumbler glass
Ardbeg Wee Beastie is a young single malt whiskey that has b...
BGN 105.90
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Set of 3 Arkana Rakia - Borea, Nota, Eura - 3 х ...
Set of 3 Arkana Rakia:Arkana Borea - Petit Manseng, winterAr...
BGN 68.00
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Rakia Arkana Borea 0.5l with Gift Box
Born among the gusts of the winter winds, Arkana Borea carri...
BGN 59.00
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Belgian Owl INTENSE Cask Strenght Single Cask Wh ...
Each cask is unique which gives a character of authenticity ...
BGN 159.00
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Belgian Owl Belgian Owl EVOLUTION Single Malt Wh ...
(48 - 59 months in oak barrels)Here, the typical fruitness o...
BGN 119.00
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Belgian Owl Passion
42-47 months in barrels.Each cask is unique which gives a ch...
BGN 129.00
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Belgian Owl IDENTITY Single Malt Whisky (36 to 4 ...
The delicate tones of roasted oak and toffee melt into the f...
BGN 100.00
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Belgian Owl ORIGIN New Make White Whisky
This non-aged distillate brings one right to the heart of th...
BGN 89.00
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Tatratea Coconut 22%
Enriched with coconut extract, which is blended with the aro...
BGN 39.00
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Tatratea Citrus 32%
Balanced and fresh!Enriched with citrus fruit extracts (lime...
BGN 42.00
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Tatratea Hibiscus & Red Tea 37%
A universe of fragrances!Enriched with red tea, hibiscus and...
BGN 45.00
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Tatratea Peach & White 42%
The unique aroma of peach!Known for its wonderful tea and fr...
BGN 45.00
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Tatratea Original 52%
The classic taste!A unique tea-based herbal elixir made excl...
BGN 47.00
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Tatratea Forest Fruit 62%
The power of the forest!Enriched with extracts of delicious ...
BGN 48.00
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Tatratea Outlow 72%
Enriched with extracts of quinine , black tea and berries an...
BGN 49.00
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Gautier Cognac XO Extra 1755
Founded in 1755, Maison Gautier is one of the oldest equestr...
BGN 249.99
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Gautier Cognac XO
Cognac Gautier XO (Extra Old) is the emblem of the house of ...
BGN 149.99
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Gautier Cognac Napoleon
Napoleon - the most surprising, the most daring, the most in...
BGN 92.90
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RAKIA ARKANA 42% 0.700ml. + Luxury Box
Variety: Muscat Ottonel 100%Alcohol: 42 % volTasting notes: ...
BGN 36.90
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Johnnie Blonde + glass
Blended Scotch Whisky 0.7l40%
BGN 29.90
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Бренди Торес Империал 10 год.
С ярки цитрусови и ванилови елементи, изпъкващи сред нотките...
BGN 33.90

They start from those based on grapes (rakia, brandy, cognac, grappa, etc.), wheat, barley, malt (various types of whiskey), to rice and even potatoes (baiju, vodka). At Seewines we select the best representatives in the various categories and invite you to browse and make your choice. Whether for a gift or for your own pleasure, we believe that we can satisfy even the most pretentious taste. In case you are hesitant, our experts will help you with advice and special offers.