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Glass Amelie Fresh

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The Fresh glass has been intricately designed to elevate the profiles of acidity driven wines. Its distinct shape enhances the crisp notes intrinsic to wines like Riesling or classic Champagne blends. Rather than merely presenting these wines, the Fresh glass accentuates their enduring finish, making every sip resonate with prolonged clarity and zest. For those with an affinity for wines bursting with invigorating freshness, the Fresh glass offers an unparalleled tasting experience.




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Established in 2022 by Alexander Mackh and Mariia Mackh, Amelie Group AG caters to wine enthusiasts and industry professionals. Alexander's expertise in glass design gave rise to Amelie Glasses, a distinctive range. Mariia's proficiency in communication with diverse manufacturers has expanded the portfolio beyond glasses to include accessories that enhance the enjoyment of wine. This unique blend of passion and innovation offers a sophisticated experience for both connoisseurs and professionals in wineries and restaurants. Amelie Group AG, the creator of Amelie products and holding company for Amelie Switzerland, focuses on distributing a curated selection of wines exclusively within Switzerland. While renowned for its innovative glassware and accessories, the company plays a pivotal role in delivering exceptional wines to discerning establishments across the Swiss culinary landscape. As Amelie embarks on a global expansion, its unwavering mission is to elevate wine culture through carefully curated selections, inviting individuals worldwide to indulge in the exquisite craftsmanship and passion embodied in every facet of the Amelie experience.

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