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Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban 0.7l in Gift box + glass

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Unbridled spirit

A whiskey journey into the wild. Glenmorangie The Quinta Ruban is like a dark and delightful forest where the wind carries the scent of mint, scattering the leaves of the cocoa tree, swirling your senses in a sensation of dark chocolate.

Thanks to the giraffe-tall copper stills in which it is distilled, The Quinta Ruban initially reveals soft fruity aromas, but then darkens and deepens as it is aged for 14 years in oak bourbon casks and in premium ruby casks ports from Portugal called 'quintas'.

The result is a ticket to sumptuous and delightful flavor combinations – walnut and black pepper, tangerine and melted marshmallow, bar of dark chocolate and mint, pinch of spices, sweet echo.

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