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Trastena apple wine

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Art. # 4289

100% Bulgarian apples!

Alcohol content: 10%

- Try it with blue cheese, gorgonzola, pumpkin and couscous;

- Eat highly chilled and store in the refrigerator;

- No artificial colors, flavors or flavorings.


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Trastena is a family winery that grows a plantation with 95 decares of organic raspberries and produces wine according to a legendary recipe of the ancient local monks high in the peaks of Stara Planina. The Trastenaya area is located above Lakatnik and is one of the happiest places that nature has created. As the owners of the winery say about themselves & quot; Every summer the bee families of Todorovi Bee Farm visit us, who take care of our favorite raspberries. & Quot; The fruits are picked by hand, music is listened to during fermentation and art is bottled with wine. Trastena Raspberry Wine is produced from 100% fermented organic raspberries and a lot of tradition. The taste is sweet, full, with a rich fruity character. Rastena Trastena wine has not only a fairytale taste - but is born in a fairytale.

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