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Set of 3 Arkana Rakia - Borea, Nota, Eura - 3 х 0.2l

Set of 3 Arkana Rakia - Borea, Nota, Eura - 3 х 0.2l

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Set of 3 brandies Arcana:


Arkana Borea - Petit Manseng, winter


Born among the gusts of the winter winds, Arcana Boreas carries within itself the power of the ruler of the north - the Greek god Boreas.


Our spirit of discovery and natural tendency to experiment led us on a winter adventure with Pti Mansen, raised on the cool shores of the Black Sea at Cape Kaliakra. The Petit Mansen variety is extremely suitable for the production of delicate dessert wines, therefore it is most often harvested late, only at the end of November and after a serious accumulation of sugars in the grains.


Our harvest took place at the beginning of December, so Arcana Borea is also our winter brandy - we would even say Christmas, because as a result of the grapes almost turning raisin in the vineyard, the brandy acquired ethereal aromas of honey, raisins, wax and citrus fruits.


On the eve of the Christmas holidays, we believe that our Arcana Borea will captivate and enchant you in a winter holiday tale - whether in front of the fireplace with a loved one or in combination with soft cheeses or cheesecake-based desserts - be bold and experiment.


Arkana Eura - Shiroka Melnishka Loza, autumn


Arcana Eura carries within it the power of Euros, the Greek god of the east wind and autumn.


A visit to the most beautiful southern and sunniest corner of Bulgaria, Melnish region, with its unique sand pyramids, captured our hearts forever.


Broad mill vine vines catch and store the last rays of the autumn sun. We harvested the Shiroka Melniška vine at the end of October, so Arcana Eura embodies autumn and shakes the senses with its diverse palette of flavors and aromas collected in the grapes of this late-ripening variety.


Each sip reveals a bouquet of aromas characteristic of the wine of this variety - red fruits, combined with herbs and a delicate shade of pink and white pepper. Arcana Eura is a pure, unaged brandy with a rich aroma, pronounced freshness and mild taste.


Arkana Nota - Pinot Noir, summer


Notus is the Greek god of the south wind and summer. People have often feared him and the storms he brings.


The elegant Pinot Noir variety is for us a symbol of the fine line between summer and autumn, when it is still warm but the winds are already beginning to bring the change.


Pinot Noir does not like the heat, it thrives in cooler and airy latitudes. In our country, the most suitable conditions for its cultivation are on our northern Black Sea coast, and this is precisely where the grapes for this brandy are born - near Cape Kaliakra.


In our Arkana Nota, we have tried to capture and recreate the beautiful and noble aromas of this variety - small red berries, pleasantly complemented by light honey-vanilla nuances, to which the partial aging in an oak barrel contributes.


N.B. Pinot Noir is often called the king of wine, and Arkana Nota is a brandy that undoubtedly also deserves such royal attention! 



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