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Valpolicella DOC Classico Superiore 2018

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Art. # 6054
After the harvest, the grapes are dried for 25 days. In November, the bunches are removed and the fermentation begins. Wine ages for 24 months in 500 liter French barriques and 6 months in bottle.
Alc. 14 %


  • Fruit
  • Body
  • Tanins
  • Freshness
  • Alcohol




  • Violets Violets
  • Spices Spices
  • Black Cherry Black Cherry
  • Small Red Fruits Small Red Fruits


Large glass for red wine

Serving Temperature

Room Temperature Room Temperature

Food pairing

  • Red Meats Red Meats
  • White Meats White Meats
  • Soft Cheese Soft Cheese
  • Chocolate Chocolate
  • Fruits Fruits


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The history of the winery began in the first half of the nineteenth century, just a few hectares next to the Speri family home. Over the years, after much investment in new properties, in the highest quality plots of Valpolicella Classica, the mansion now owns 60 hectares. With great respect for the region's heritage, Speri has always cultivated only local varieties. They vinify grapes exclusively from their own vineyards and control the entire production process, from the vineyard to the bottle. Their most prestigious wine, Amarone, in keeping with the rhythm of nature, is not produced in less favorable years. To emphasize the specifics of each plot, the grapes are vinified separately, thus yielding harvests such as La Roverina, Monte Sant'Urbano and La Roggia, which are named after their vineyards. After many years of hard work, since 2015, the company received a certificate for organic farming.

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Veneto wines are as multifaceted and vast as the region itself. Veneto is smaller than the regions of Piedmont, Tuscany, Sicily, Puglia, but produces more wine than any of them. An incredible fact that can actually be easily understood by only mentioning some of the wines produced here - Amarone, Valpolicella, Soave and - of course - the famous Prosecco. All these wines gained their recognition, especially in the last decades of the 20th century, when Italian wine began its victorious march to conquer the world. The incredible diversity of terroir and relief, varieties and optimal climatic conditions are a prerequisite for the multifaceted presentation of Veneto on the wine scene - from dry, white wines to the sparkling summer temptation of its frizzantes, from light reds to the dense and bold amarone and recioto . Almost the entire range of wine production is presented here, and when we add the cities full of history - the attraction of Veneto becomes even more tangible and powerful.

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