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Edoardo Miroglio - an Italian in Bulgaria

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It would be even more accurate to say a Piedmontese in Sliven, because after 30 years in our country, the Italian with a Bulgarian passport Edoardo Miroglio is probably more a Slivenite than a Piedmontese. Or as he proudly defines himself "I am a 'Slivenian' from Alba Piemonte").
Edoardo Miroglio's family has been doing business in Bulgaria for over 30 years now, and this has made their enterprises not just peers of democracy, but some of the first and most serious investments in our country.

One thing must be said and emphasised about the Miroglio family - they are not only friends of Bulgaria, they feel part of Bulgaria. And this deserves our great admiration!
Anyway, let us take you to the cellar of Edoardo Miroglio and family, 22 km from Nova Zagora...
In 2002, as one of the most serious investors in the textile business in Europe, Edoardo Miroglio took his first steps in the wine industry in Bulgaria, founding his winery, modelled on the best estates in Piedmont, where he originated. 

He chooses a very interesting terroir that few people would rush headlong to make vineyards and a winery, namely the hills in the St. Ilia above the village of Elenovo. Once again Edoardo Miroglio showed us that when you are persistent and do your job properly, you can turn even stone into gold. Only ten years later, Elenovo became a byword for one of the best vineyards in the country. Elenovo Mavrud, Elenovo Rubin, Elenovo Chardonnay, Elenovo Cabernet Franc, Elenovo Cabernet Sauvignon and, not to miss the legend Elenovo Merlot - each of them in different vintages brought the winery the highest international awards in a number of competitions and rankings. But it's not just the wines under the Elenovo brand. The winery has made two other significant contributions to the growth of Bulgarian winemaking in general. Where to start?
The first is Pinot Noir - a variety that definitely does not grow well everywhere. But it grows superbly on the hills of St. Elijah! Today, 15 different grape varieties are cultivated in the vineyards around Elenovo, from which the winemakers create elegant wines - structured, expressive, or as the people here say, wines with soul.
And pinot noir is first among equals. It was the first varietal planted, because from the very founding of the winery, Edoardo Miroglio's plans included producing sparkling wines using the classic Champagne method. And here we come to the second contribution of the Italian family to Bulgarian winemaking, and to which we are particularly sensitive because we have a certain weakness - sparkling wines!

Edoardo Miroglio's great sparklers (not only from Pinot Noir, but also from Chardonnay) can be said to be among the first wines of the new time produced according to the classic Champagne technology, and which defined a new qualitative stage for the category in our country.

Together with the work on varieties for champagne wines and Bulgarian indigenous varieties, the project for the development of organic farming has also begun. Today they are rightly proud that about 35% of their vineyards are certified organic - Mirolio is also the largest producer of organic wines in our country. Perhaps an even greater reason for pride is the fact that they also grow their conventional vineyards in an environmentally friendly way.

Thanks to the extensive land they own, they are able to protect the ecosystem of the entire area. Between the vineyards are preserved so-called eco-islands - small plots with trees and streams - the insects on these natural habitats destroy pests throughout the vineyards and this natural balance protects the plants. Some of the land on the estate is not farmed at all - it is the range of deer and roe deer. You can often see them, especially in the early mornings. Because the name Deer is no accident...


In this paradise of peace and tranquillity you reach the heart of the estate - the wine cellar. The elegant building, designed by Edoardo Miroglio, has been designed as a modern winery with state-of-the-art facilities and is in the shape of a spiral that has two meanings - it symbolises both infinity and the sun. Above the cellar is the hotel part, also symbolically called Soli Invicto, or "the invincible sun". Soli Invicto actually describes succinctly, but very meaningfully, the climatic features of this otherwise godforsaken region.
The hotel has 10 rooms and small chic suites with antique furniture that bear the names of the varieties in the vineyard - Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, Mavrud, Melnik, Ruby, etc.
But what's good wine without really decent company? In the restaurant of Soli Invicto you will be welcomed by a team of talented chefs and friendly staff. You didn't expect to see all these magnificent sights just 22 kilometers from Nova Zagora, did you? We didn't know what to expect either, but we were fascinated by everything the Italian family Miroglio has done for the region of Sliven, Nova Zagora and Elenovo.
Today the winery is run by Edoardo's son, Franco Miroglio. It is equipped to produce 1 million litres of wine, including they make sparkling wines, whites, rosés and red still wines. Tireless aren't they? There's only one thing left to do - taste them!

Check out our selection of offerings from the Edoardo Miroglio winery, and remember - the best wine is the best wine shared!