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"Gallura in a family's dream" Izba Piero Mancini

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 Located on the sun-kissed island of Sardinia, Piero Mancini is a winery with a passion for tradition and quality, dedicated to producing exceptional wines that showcase the unique terroir and character of the Gallura region. 
The Piero Mancini winery is located in northeast Sardinia, in the heart of the fabulous and unique Gallura area, a terroir composed mainly of granite, where the climate is characterized by mild temperatures , and the vineyards breathe the Mediterranean breeze.
 The vineyards are planted on shallow, sandy topsoil that sits on hard granite, forcing the vines to struggle to survive, and although it gets very hot in summer, the nights stay cool, allowing the grapes to retain their characteristic acidity. Mancini's vineyards range from 50 to 300 metres above sea level with different exposures, but mostly south facing. The vineyards thrive in the hot Mediterranean climate and develop their typical minerality in the heat of coastal Sardinia.
 The story of Piero Mancini goes back a long way in time. Piero was born in the area of Gallura, but after university he moved to the south of Sardinia, to the town of Cagliari where he worked as a dentist. 


His memories as a child are of days , spent in the countryside with his grandparents in Gallura tending the family vineyards.
And from there is the love of the land and the region. Years later, in the 1960s, the famous and respected dentist decided to heed the call that his land of Gallura had always sent to him. He began his adventure into the world of winemaking, planting his first vines and gaining experience as manager of some prestigious wineries in Sardinia.

 In the meantime, the vineyards began to expand and with them Piero Mancini's passion, experience and desire to dare to create art in wine .In 1989, the dream came to life with the opening of his Cantina delle Vigne di Piero Mancini in front of the Bay of Olbia .

 Today, the Cantina delle Vigne di Piero Mancini is a reality that stretches over about 120 hectares of land .



  The winery's main production focuses on Vermentino di Gallura, a refreshing Mediterranean wine that, along with citrus notes and crisp acidity, has great texture and layered notes of salinity and minerality.  It is a classic interpretation with a dry and elegant taste. The winery also bottles

 Vermentino di Gallura Superiore, called Cucaione (cuckoo), a masterpiece of charm and balance that ages longer on fine lees and has added depth, complexity and concentration. In many ways, the family believes this is Gallura's true calling card. The cuckoo is also the bird depicted on the company's logo.
Piero Mancini's wines today rank among the best in Sardinia. The flavours are so compelling that it's hard to concentrate on anything else after you take your first sip. These wines offer an unforgettable sensory experience, combining a passion for wine with the scenic beauty of Gallura, in a welcoming environment with rare charm and charm .