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NSW Extra Brut Rose Villa Yustina 2020

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Art. # 6313

The grapes for this particular wine are picked earlier, when the sugar content is lower. Through classic white wine production technology, we obtain fresh, low-alcohol Champagne wine material. Secondary fermentation is carried out using the 'Charmat' method in inox pressure vessels/acratophores, with the addition of circulation liqueur and yeast. This process converts the sugars into alcohol and releases carbon dioxide, which saturates the wine naturally. Once the secondary alcoholic fermentation is complete, the wine is aged for about 6 months on the lees to produce autolysate tones.     

A wine with a delicate, peachy-pink colour and an intense play of fine bubbles. Complex and bright aromas with hints of strawberry, cotton candy and ripe white peach. Harmonious and complex palate with autolysate tones and well-integrated acids with a lingering and promising finish.



  • Fruit
  • Body
  • Dryness
  • Freshness
  • Alcohol




  • Citrus Citrus
  • Black Cherry Black Cherry
  • Small Black Fruits Small Black Fruits


For white wine

Serving Temperature

Cold Cold

Food pairing

  • Vegetables Vegetables
  • Seafood Seafood
  • Fruits Fruits


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Вила Юстина

Вила Юстина


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