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Gorun - the star of Mizia

Autor: Seewines

Only 3 years ago they were among the most interesting debutants on the Bulgarian wine scene, and now they are among the brightest new stars of Bulgarian wine!
Boutique, family-run, a winery with a mission, a winery with a vision; all this can be safely said about the small winery Gorun, located 30 km from Pleven in the town of Iskar.
In the heart of the Mizian plateau, the vineyards of Gorun Winery were planted in 2015, located in the windy hills above the Iskar River. Four years later, in 2019, the neat winery nestled in the valley of the river, where the town of the same name is located, sprung up. Once upon a time, on the current site of the town of Iskar, there was a small settlement with extremely alert and clever inhabitants. They called it Gorun Mahala (or Gorum Mahala) because of the centuries-old oaks in the surrounding area, hence the name of the winery. Their centuries-old trunks have been transformed into unique barrels, some of which are involved in sculpting the unique flavours of Gorun's wines. But it's not just the choice of quality French and Bulgarian oak barrels that are the foundation of their success. The overall microclimate of the area around Pleven, the influence of the Iskar River and the fertile Mizian soil create the prerequisites for the production of high quality wines. They are offered under the Gorun Winery brand in two series: Gorun Reserve - aged in French and Bulgarian oak barrels and Gorun only - single varietal wines without oak contact, in which the pure expression of the local terroir is sought.


The winery's mission is to restore, preserve and build on the region's centuries-old traditions in viticulture and winemaking. And it achieves it - with wines of the highest class, and with an original overall vision and label design.
Priority is given to local grape varieties - Gamsa, Cailash Ruby, Cailash Muscat, but also world classics such as Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Pinot Noir and their interesting expression in the terroir of fertile Mysia.
The winery's chief technologist is Svetoslav Krastev, a talented oenologist with extensive international experience who skillfully combines classic and innovative styles in New and Old World winemaking.
Gorun's wines have only been on the market for three years, but success was inevitable for them. In 2023, the complex and spicy Gorun Gamza Reserve 2020 entered at Number 4 in DiVino's Top 10 Limited Edition Wines. This year, the charming and satiny-smooth Gorun Gamza 2022 found a place in DiVino's 50 Best Wines and scooped the well-deserved award for Best Wine from the Central Danube Plain region, and a little earlier in the autumn of 2023, two of the winery's reserves came home with medals from the most prestigious international wine competition, the Decanter World Wine Awards.
Gorun Cabernet Franc Reserve 2020 took 95 points and a gold medal from Decanter, while Gorun Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2020 received 87 points and a bronze medal.
And as we follow their development closely, as well as tasting their wines regularly (and with relish!), we can assure you of one thing - the best is yet to come!