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Top 10 wines for fish and seafood

Autor: Seewines

Are you feeling ready for the sunny days and warm nights of June? Use our traditional monthly selection , to welcome all the exciting delights of the summer season by the seaside or in the company of friends. Seafood is eaten all over the world. Although different cultures enjoy it differently, the category and as a whole is extremely popular!


1. PET-NAT SANDANSKI MISKET ORBELLIA 2022 - NOW -10% (24,75 лв.)

Wine for a sunny mood and fresh bubbles.

Natural sparkling wine from the Struma Valley, made according to the ancient Pétillant Naturel method, according to which the wine is bottled before the fermentation is completed. The aroma has a delicate fruitiness, pronounced green apple and pear with a pleasant citrus freshness. Very suitable for pairing with a fresh green salad with smoked salmon and pear.





2. ASSYRTIKO KIR-YIANNI 2023 - NOW -10% (25.65 лв.)

Assyrtiko is the most famous Greek white grape variety in the world. Assyrtiko originates from the volcanic island of Santorini, but has adapted to grow in other parts of Greece. Assyrtiko 2023 Kir-Yianni comes from the region of Amindeo. Aromas of lemon peel, white peach and hyacinth conquer the nose. On the palate the wine is rounded, fruity and mineral with a very pleasant finish. We recommend for consumption with stuffed squid with feta cheese and cherry tomatoes.


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3. PECORINO ILLUMINATI 2023 - NOW -10% (20.70 лв.)

Pecorino is a variety that is staple in the eastern coastal regions of Italy, particularly in the Marche and Abruzzo areas. Pecorino 2023 Illuminati also pairs wonderfully with fish and seafood, the dry soft herbal notes and ripe fruit found in the wine are an ideal partner to steamed mussels with devisil and garlic and a beautiful sunset sea.

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4.VERMENTINO BETTER HALF 2022 - NOW -10% (22,41 лв.)

Vermentino is mainly grown in Sardinia and Tuscany, but Vermentino Better Half 2022 is a great Bulgarian representative of the variety. Citrus nose with hints of sweet lemon, ripe yellow apple and plum. The body is soft, round with a nice freshness and a long aftertaste of grapefruit and almond. Oysters with a slightly spicy lime dressing would be a pretty good pairing with the wine.

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5. CHENIN BLANC CUVEE"МММ..." FOURNIER 2023 NOW -10% (29.61 лв.)

Elegant Chenin Blanc from the Loire Valley. The nose reveals aromas of white fruits, honeycomb, hazelnuts and citrus. The body is balanced with fresh acids, ripe quince, yellow pear, light ginger spice are detectable. A long and minerally aftertaste invites us to more serious seafood - grilled tuna steak with cream cheese mousse and pine nuts combined with a green salad with cherry tomatoes and citrus dressing, guarantee a feast for the senses!

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6. STARO ORYAHOVO SYRAH 2022 - NOW -10% (18.45 лв)

When choosing a wine for fish dishes, rosé is always a suitable option. The rosé of Old Oryahovo impresses with its subtle pearl-pink colour with platinum highlights. The nose is intense and complex, with hints of juicy raspberries and white cherries, with fresh minerality and lemon in the background. Tight body, elegant and smooth, with a touch of citrus and fresh cherry on the finish. The combination with stuffed sea bass with sundried tomatoes and capers is incredibly good.

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7.SAUVIGNON BLANC WEINGUT WESS 2022 - СЕГА на -10% (29.61 лв.)

Weingut Ves is a producer from Lower Austria that we are proud of and whose wines never disappoint. In our monthly selection, we offer a slightly different Sauvignon Blanc that combines the familiar grassy aromas, but saturated with mineral notes, complex structure and elegance. Paired with white wine and spiced prawns in a pan, it's a winning combination.k with sundried tomatoes and capers is incredibly good.


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This rosé presents a different take on the charming Sicilian variety Nero D'Avola. This rosé captures the spicy and floral character of the variety. Aromas and flavours of rose petals, red berries, citrus nuances and herbs, all with a sense of marked freshness and lightness make this rosé an irresistible summer wine. Its combination with the delicate white flesh of the cipura, flavoured with lemon, paprika and wild garlic Levoorde is a true gastronomic idyll. It may sound unconventional, but the recipe is tried and tested and the combination irresistible.

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The Pinot Noir from the Loire Valley is very different from that from the mecca of the variety, Burgundy. Both because of the different soils and terroir, and because of the different clones of the variety, the character of pinot noirs from Sancerre or from the whole valley is more structured and the wines feel tighter. Again, the typical elegance of the variety is present, but the minerality, black cherry and fresh tight tannins are more prevalent than the red berry fruit, woodland noise, herbs and barely perceptible tannins characteristic of the Burgundian representatives. It is the minerality and freshness that make it excellent company for a Salmon steak cooked alangue with baked potatoes

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10. MAN MEETS MOUNTAIN MALBEC 2022 NOW -10% (21.51 лв.)

The character of the grape variety, which originated in Bordeaux and found exceptional expression in Argentina, is the reason for this wine's charm. The density and richness of this Malbec is strongly felt and at the same time the very soft and smooth tannins and freshness create an exceptional lightness and delicacy in the sensation of the wine. It is this lightness and freshness combined with the bright notes of smoke, coffee, dark chocolate, plum and aromatic purple flowers that make this Malbec a surprisingly good match for grilled lobster.