Вино от Прованс

When we mention Provence, visions of endless blossoming lavender fields and pretty, nestled villages among hilly terrain inevitably stand out before us. But not only. Provence is also a symbol of the modern rosè wine

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Provencal rosè wine with its fresh and light character is gaining dizzying popularity among the mass wine lover and no wonder it conquered the world in a short time. Located in the southeastern corner of France, the region enjoys a warm and mild Mediterranean climate, and the vineyards are practically spread within 55 km of the Mediterranean Sea. This proximity determines the high average annual temperatures and prolonged sunshine - ideal conditions for ripening of the grapes and timely harvesting.

Numerous appellations exist in this wine region, but perhaps the most famous - and the most extensive - is Côte de Provence, the heart of the pale rosè, whose colour varies from very pale orange, almost indistinguishable from that of white wine, to salmon, to light pink shades. The colour depends largely on the grape varieties used in the blend, and traditionally there are 3 of them the most popular - Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah, and of course, each producer has his own secret and recipe. The size of Côte de Provence does not make it the most famous appeal in Provence. In fact, the names that really attract the respect and attention of wine lovers are rather in the periphery, on the Mediterranean coast between Marseille and Toulon. Bandol is the appellation that does not succumb to modern trends and supports the production of traditionally deeply coloured and rich, even lush red wines. Here the rosè is radically different - aged in oak and complex, with an intriguing depth and structure of the body. Unlike these "sea wines", rosé from Côte de Provence is made more with the thought of a wine to refresh with in warm weather. Its finesse and elegance captivate with its unpretentiousness and lightness and it is a natural choice for a drink for the bohemian spirit of the summer.